Meet the Artist: Chuck

Meet the Artist: Chuck

Chuck’s striking artwork often causes a reaction from visitors to The Hook, so we were excited to hear more about Chuck’s inspiration and approach to his work.

We’re also delighted to have Chuck as a guest as we launch our new location in Seven Dials, where we’re featuring a special commission by Chuck to commemorate the occasion. Find it here.

Tell us about your work! How would you summarise your style and approach?

My contemporary style is heavily influenced by current trends, fashion, colour and
texture. Whenever I'm producing new work I like to include as many of those elements as

How did you first know that you wanted to create art?

Obviously with my mother being an artist it's always been a part of my life and I've
always been around it.

The use of florals and gold leaf seem very important in your work, can you elaborate on how you have honed this aesthetic?

With regard to florals, I have an archive of thousands of points of reference which I
will use to decide on different combinations with a consideration on how the colours work together. Regarding the gold leaf over the last couple of years I have experimented with various techniques. In my most recent work I combine it with texture to give it a more of an embellished look.

What is inspiring you now?

My current inspiration stems from old era renaissance artwork like the old masters
which I would love to incorporate into a contemporary fashion piece in the future.

What do you wish more people knew about your work?

The time it takes from design through production to completion is quite a lengthy

What’s next? What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Further development in this range, more styles perhaps replacing floral aspects with other design elements.

What is your favourite thing about being an artist?

The creative freedom to express and develop my ideas through my work.

Discover more of Chuck's Artwork here, or visit us in store.