Meet the Artist: Emily Harman

Meet the Artist: Emily Harman

We sat down with artist Emily Harman to find out more about how she gets inspired to create art, her process and the influence of colour

Tell us about your work! How would you summarise your style
and approach?

My work is abstract, on the verge of Abstract Expressionism.
For me, it’s more about the process than the final result.

There is a lot of symbolism in my work that might not be apparent to anyone else. It’s all about how I’m feeling at that exact moment and what I am going through personally.
I reflect on how I am feeling after, which is similar to how I write music.
Yes, I’m also the lead singer of a band!

I try to paint outside when I can, using the sunlight on the canvas. However my studio allows me to create all year long.


How has Abstract Expressionism influenced your work?

Abstract Expressionism was an inspiration and a turning point
for me. It was my first influence, but I’m not an Abstract
Expressionist painter. I find my own way through abstract art.
An emphasis on the process is important to me.
It’s therapeutic for me. I volunteer at a mental health
institution, so I’ve had a lot of thoughts and conversations
about art therapy, and how it might help people.


How does Colour factor into your artwork?

The book Secret Lives of Colour (written by Kassia St. Clair)
influenced me so much. I did a dissertation on the colour pink
and its impact on the female experience. One of my artworks,
Red River, is inspired by that as well.
Colours often come up when I’m writing music. I always use
pink, it’s a common theme in my artwork.

What is inspiring you now?

The sun! I’ll be outside on a walk and I’ll see shape and colour
and I get inspired by that. Most of the time, my inspiration
comes from within or by nature. I see shape vs. objects, and
continually take pictures as I’m working so that I can see its

What is your favourite thing about being an artist?

When people talk to me about what they can see when they
look at my work. I find it so interesting how everyone looks at it
differently. Plus, the natural therapy of creating an artwork is
powerful for me. 

Discover more of Emily's work here, or visit us in store.