ICYMI: The Hook Seven Dials Launch Event

ICYMI: The Hook Seven Dials Launch Event

We're still buzzing from our launch event last Thursday evening to kick off the opening of The Hook Seven Dials! It was incredible to share the excitement with our community of collectors and artists.

We’re so happy to have been joined by many of our artists. Special thanks to Chuck for his exclusive commission, Seven Dials, created to commemorate the launch. Chuck is known for his striking work, often incorporating colour and texture, which was a perfect match for the intention of the commission. Learn more about Chuck, and view his artwork here.

The evening took an exciting turn when guests were treated to a live painting session by artist Emily Harman, who created a new piece before our eyes. Emily’s abstract practice is process-driven, so it was really special to experience this alongside her. You can learn more about Emily here, as well as browse more of her work.

It goes without saying that we’re truly grateful for our community of collectors and customers. 
We can’t wait to welcome you again soon!

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