Ross Andrew Spencer

Penicuik, UK

"Like an architectural sketch, I try to present the assembly of an idea without a commitment to a fully formed structure and tend towards abstractions. In this way I want to produce paintings and sculpture that appear to have the ability to rearrange themselves at any time."

The dynamic Ross Spencer is a keen and inventive artist. Ross attended Edinburgh Art College where he began experimenting with the equipment used by the construction industry and noticed the artistic potential in the waste material of building sites. Ross draws his interests from architectural lines and forms created in the construction process. The subject of Ross' work focuses on capturing memories and emotions from his past, forming them out of unusual materials.  

The Hook's Take: If texture is what you are after, look no further than Ross Spencer. Using urban and utilitarian materials and elevating them into works of art, Ross' works create depth in any space.

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Ross Andrew Spencer

Assembly Triptych


Ross Andrew Spencer



Ross Andrew Spencer

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