Carl Melegari



Product code: CLR0001
Image Dimensions: 101 x 76 cm
Framed Dimensions: 114 x 89 cm

Carl Melegari

Carl Melegari

"Oils offer me the most challenging way to produce a painting. I can explore the versatility of the pigment and paint; the thickness I can achieve through glazing, layering, and manipulating the medium can provide a wide range of various effects." - Chasseur Magazine

Carl Melegari was born in North Wales in 1959, earning his degree in illustration in Bristol. His work has been featured in notable publications and international exhibitions.

Carl’s contemporary approach explores the human form and urban landscape, often working from life and models to create abstract forms. Drawing from sculptural influence he often uses a muted, monochromatic palette, yielding dripping layers of paint that create unique and vibrant texture.

The Hook's Take: Carl Melegari captures mystery and intrigue in his paintings using a muted colour palette and long drips of paint to distort the figure.

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