Arron Crascall



Product code: ARR0021
Image Dimensions: 101 x 76 cm
Framed Dimensions: 110 x 85 cm

Arron Crascall

Arron Crascall

Most of us know Arron Crascall as the quirky comedian who made a name for himself on Vine. He has developed a large following online with his devout fanbase being the driving force behind his viral growth.

Offscreen, Crascall turns to paint and surface to explore creative outlets through painting. Equally as striking as his comedy, his work sits on the edge of what we might regard as traditional art, sometimes going as far as satire. Cascall's paintings remain open for interpretation; to some they may be an extension of his comedic character, to others they may represent a deeper social commentary - making them such universal pieces of work.

The Hook's Take: Arron Crascall's portraits are mysterious and intriguing. Featuring abstracted faces and bold backgrounds, Crascall's works are truly striking.

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